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Last Breath

This year I have had the pleasure of working working with a collaborative artist, Marie Brett

Her latest project is based on the subject of death and dying. Together we ran workshops at the annual Complexity and Management Conference held in Roffey Park, Sussex UK. The world premiere of her work generated some fascinating and stimulating conversations.

Last Breath - Death and Dying in Organisational life

Change in organisational life increasingly involves the death of the organisation itself or ‘downsizing’ which results in the organisational death of individuals; there is widespread belief that the pace of this type of change will escalate in the coming decades. In our developed world there is a tendency to avoid and push aside the awkward process of aging and death, be it on an individual or corporate level.

Marie Brett’s short art film Last Breath, on death and dying (world premiere); will be used to initiate a conversation on how this kind of change might be thought about for ‘victims’, ‘survivors’ and the organisation itself.

Marie Brett

Marie is a visual artist based in Ireland who uses digital media, sculpture and immersive installation to produce artwork as a reflection on contemporary life. Her practice involves a social and collective dimension and her approach is collaboration with community and place. Marie has received numerous awards for her practice and her artwork is held in collections nationally and internationally.

Penelope Monaghan (nee Lacey)

Penny worked as a clinician, clinical manager and internal change consultant in a large Central London Community NHS Trust, UK for 20 years. She is currently a Mother and Sculptor based in Ireland. She completed the Masters by Research in Organisational Change in 2004. For more details e-mail Penny.


Anima – is a short documentary showing some of the research Marie undertook that contributed to the creation of her latest work “Last Breath”

Screening Events

9th June 2018

CMC conference

Roffey Park


18th October 2018


The Blanchardstown Centre

Dublin 5, Ireland

1st November 2018


Irish Museum of Modern Art

Royal Hospital Kilmainham, Military Rd, Kilmainham, Dublin 8, Ireland

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