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Preparations for Sculpture in Context 2018

A good part of the summer was spent preparing for Sculpture in Context 2018. Great fun experimenting with smoke firing in my dustbin for Surveillance Ailse. Felt like a real witches brew, wrapping pieces in seaweed, Irish Yew, cow dung & other botanics I came across in the garden. Just loved the unpredictable nature of the smoke firing process.

Was fortunate enough to meet with and learn from the expertise of Smoke firing from the talented #Joanna Still and #Ann Wilson

Very grateful for their precious time & expert knowledge. #smokefiring.

Playing with fire was also required for the creation of Dew Haiku charring the wood poles a technique known as Shou sugi ban. Armed with a flame thrower in one hand and hose pipe in the other, had a great couple of days creating the lovely alchemy from brown wood to jet black.

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